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Modular Design & Build

Saving Time and Money

In the early days, operating facilities were Stick-Built — constructed entirely or largely on-site. Construction often had to take a backseat to a number of variables that simply could not be controlled: the weather, a union or transient workforce, sites that did not lend themselves to manufacturing, rental equipment costs, site-specific training and safety, insufficient utilities, disruption to other areas of the facility — the list goes on.

The alternative to this wieldy process is Modular Design & Build (MDAB). Using proven engineering tools and manufacturing techniques, MDAB has proven over and over to save time and money. Whereas with Stick-Built projects not working as anticipated, the MDAB process and methods are well established before construction begins. Virtually all the issues inherent with Stick-Built construction are eliminated when designed, constructed and assembled at our controlled facility.

Expertise in MDAB Projects

Our teams of engineers and designers work in conjunction with our manufacturing team to create MDAB projects. Single process lines can be contained in a single module, whereas complete plants can be built in several modules. The resulting MDAB Processes and Plants are high-quality, on-schedule and on-budget. Our MDAB process ensures the methods are well-established before construction begins. Fieldwork is reduced without sacrificing safety, operability, or maintainability, thus creating a high overall value and saving our client’s money.

MDAB: Get more Bang for your Buck.

Using our MDAB process, our clients receive engineering, design, manufacturing, field installation, commissioning, start-up and operator training all from a single, coordinated source. Our complete modules allow for quick and cost-effective on-site completion.

Process and Pipeline Skid Specialization

We offer design, manufacturing, and testing of process skids. These skids can be used for industrial and commercial facilities, pilot plans and process modules, water treatment, compressor stations, pipeline terminals, gas processing facilities, deep well-pumping stations and more.

If You Need It, We Will Make It

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Design/Build Case Studies

Our team has a proven track record of success in designing and manufacturing modular plants. We are engaged in all aspects of Modular Design & Build (MDAB) including design, installation, startup, commissioning and operator training.

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