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Exhibits & Displays

Educate, Market, and Train

Our unique blend of engineering and manufacturing skills positions us to undertake a huge variety of projects. We are able to take your project from concept to completion, including the vital step of educating and marketing.

Our team can design and construct models, exhibits, and displays with amazing precision. Our displays and models are created with sufficient detail to be ideal for education, marketing, sales, or training purposes. The components are made from high-quality natural and synthetic materials. Models are a proven and effective way to relay your message and give a better sense of proportion over computer models.

Exhibit Design and Creation

Our team of experts can design and manufacture a variety of exhibits for trade shows, office lobbies, or conferences. We assist customers in selecting the type of exhibit to be created based on cost, space, expected use, and life expectancy of the product.

Models with Shipping Crates

We can build both functional and non-functional models using either an actual product or a replica. These models can be combined with graphics, lighting, or audio-visual effects based on the customer’s preference. No detail is left to chance, so shipping crates for delicate models can be designed and manufactured with an emphasis on reducing the time needed for setup and packaging the models. Our shipping cases are complete with recessed handles, latches and reinforced corners.

Display Cabinets and Signs

The presentation of your product can determine its success or failure, so it needs to be well-designed and implemented with skill and precision. Our team can design and manufacture custom display cabinets for use in any facility, including museums, office lobbies, and conference rooms. Display cases can be fully enclosed with high-grade Plexiglass and wood. Our team can also enhance your display with custom signs using simple or complex lighted graphics.

If You Need It, We Will Make It

Don’t leave the success of your display, model or exhibit in the hands of just anyone! Put our team of designers and manufacturers to work for you and see the difference it will make. Contact us today to learn how we can help you, or fill out our Design Inquiry Form and one of our associates will be in touch with you shortly.


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