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Nitrate Generation Unit Fabrication

Innovative Nitrate Generation Unit

The formation of biogenic hydrogen sulfide (H2S) activity in water is an enormous cost to many industries due to its effect on water quality, corrosion and extreme hazards to the health and safety of personnel. H2S souring represents a major challenge to oil & gas, sewage, and other industries. The sewage industry has used environmentally friendly water-soluble nitrates for several decades to successfully treat H2S. This technology is now replacing toxic, expensive, and environmentally undesirable biocides in the global oil and gas industry.

The Modular Design & Build (MDAB) expertise of Service & Technology Corporation (STC) was engaged by our scientific partners to develop a new, low-cost method of providing nitrate to oil & gas, sewage, and other industries. The result is an extraordinary breakthrough in producing nitrates: The On-site Nitrate Generation Unit. This unique apparatus is designed to reliably provide many years of low-cost nitrate at any application site world-wide and replaces the cumbersome and expensive logistics of conventional nitrate supply.

How it Works

The NGU utilizes a technology that ionizes air to separate nitrogen and oxygen and then recombines them to form nitrates. The nitrate is then injected into any H2S contaminated aqueous system. All free oxygen is scrubbed from the end product prior to introducing the nitrate into the system.

Since our NGU operates on an unattended and continuous basis, there is no manpower requirement for regular monitoring of NGU performance. Sufficient instrument and control systems are in place that monitors the system for operation, production, and safety.

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