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Custom Manufacturing Services

Service & Manufacturing Corporation-SMC, a wholly owned subsidiary of STC, was founded in 1994 and operates under the motto “if you need it, we will make it.

We are located in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Our location on the outskirts of Tulsa, one of the nation’s major manufacturing centers, positions us to to provide a wide variety of manufacturing services including shop inspection, witnessing of tests, coordinating supplier’s services and other related actives.

We have a full complement of manufacturing capabilities to handle projects from start to finish. We specialize in serving the oil, gas, oil refining, pipeline, cement, agricultural chemical, industrial chemical, and grain research industries.


Vasu (STC's Chairman & Founder) should be very proud of not only the company he's built but even more importantly the people that he's brought into his group. I cannot say enough about how I left your facility. It seems to be a very conscientious, knowledgeable and talented group of people that you have onboard, and nice to see that the three of you understand how important the role of our "people" are to a company's success.

To the SMC team of many,

I would like to personally let everybody at SMC know how much I enjoyed working with each of you during my time as EC. I was very fortunate and blessed in many ways to have gotten to know you from a personal and professional capacity.

I have seen and worked with at least 8 fabricators that have built equipment for us over my 15 years. SMC is “by far” at the top of the list. I strongly believe that this is due to the fact that you care and take pride and ownership individually.

Your quality and individual pride, ease of working with, and the fact that your whole team pays attention to details and is sincerely interested in producing a quality piece of equipment at a fair price are what sets your company apart from all the others. Building strong relationships has worked well for me in my career and I know that is also one of the founding principles that have made SMC so successful. That must be one of the reasons that we all got along so well.

I am looking forward to meeting with everyone again soon, and being able to continue our personal and professional relationships into the future.

Thank you all for making YL’s team and our organization look good.


Custom Machining image.

Custom Machining

We provide custom machining & assembly services for various metal, plastic, wood, and exotic materials of all shapes & sizes. We offer milling, grinding, turning, boring, drilling, pressing, polishing, and flame spraying processes, among others.

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Steel Fabrication image.

Steel Fabrication

Our team offers a complete package of design, detailed drafting, fabrication, surface preparation, and painting or galvanizing services for: various grades of light and heavy structural steel; Aluminum or stainless steel structures; platforms, ladders, stairs, and walkways; hoppers, silos, ducts, and chutes for material handling; grinding booths, dust collection stations, and workbenches; railcar loading & unloading platforms; support structures for vessels, tanks, silos, and more; process skids complete with grating, handrails, safety gates, and more; toolboxes; installation equipment; cable handling equipment; shop repair/test equipment.

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Pneumatics & Hydraulics

We provide custom pneumatic systems utilizing air for the purpose of conveying dry materials such as grains, cement, etc. Such systems can be based on customer-supplied information or designed by our team to meet certain specific needs. Similarly, we also provide custom hydraulic systems to operate equipment utilized in various industries.

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Electrical & Control Panels

We offer design, component choice, manufacturing, programming, and testing devices for: UL Certified electrical panels; high and low-voltage electrical panels; control panels with PLC’s, variable speed drives (VSD/VFD), harmonic filters, and more; high-voltage, explosion-proof junction boxes in cast copper-free aluminum or cast steel boxes for Zone 1 applications; transformers, VSD and/or switchgear skids for on & offshore, arctic, desert, and equatorial applications; process kids complete with instrumentation, electrical, and controls for classified areas.

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Metal Finishing

We fabricate projects from start to finish. We primarily serve the oil and gas, specialty chemical and cement industries, but can work with many more. Our team is ready to serve you.

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Manufacturing Case Studies image.

Manufacturing Case Studies

Our team has a proven track record of success in manufacturing high-quality projects from concept to finish. With specialization in custom machining, electrical and control panels, and steel manufacturing we are well-equipped to handle a wide variety of projects. Here are just a few examples of successfully completed projects.

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Design Inquiry

Start a conversation with STC-SMC about your project today! Tell us about your project, and one of our representatives will contact you shortly to assist you.

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