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Mobile Labs Design & Build

Mobile Labs For Temporary Sites

Created by our Modular Design & Build (MDAB) team, our Mobile Labs are the perfect solution when reliable, temporary structures are needed. These fully-enclosed, climate-controlled, portable structures can be configured to suit many needs including:

  • Medical testing
  • Forensic/CSI data gathering
  • Field labs for oil and gas exploration/production
  • Temporary living quarters
  • Disaster relief centers
  • Plant control rooms, and more.

If You Need It, We Will Make It

We can custom design and manufacture to spec portable structures to solve your specific needs. These structures are cost-effective and can be ready in a short amount of time. Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your temporary structure needs.


KK and all,

Just a quick note of thanks to your entire team for yet another “job well done”! I’ve said it time and time again, but need to say it once more: It is indeed a pleasure working with your team of professionals and true to form this latest lab that I inspected on Wednesday 15 July is a testament to STC-SMC’s outstanding teamwork, to your Creed, and to your Seven Principles of your Organization. A special thanks to HK who took time out of his busy day to show our Sales Manager around your facility and visit with him concerning future possibilities. I look forward to many more future endeavors! Best wishes to the whole team and hope that this summer is all it can be and more for each and every one of your professionals, God bless!

Very respectfully,
Your friend and team-mate,


As you are aware I was at your plant this morning for the final inspection of two portable labs for BH, one will be headed to Kenya and the other Ethiopia. This morning I was joined by our Engineering Department Manager. What I have to say about the readiness and quality of work seems to be becoming “Standard Operating Procedure” and please don’t let it become that, as your team of pros deserve to hear how exceptional they are! I have absolutely nothing on a punch-list. JM, SS and the team were ready and waiting for my arrival and we accomplished all we could do in a matter of about an hour and a half. DD had to leave a little before we were done as he had pressing obligations here at our facility, but he was awed and very impressed, not only with the work your team of professionals has done for us, but also with the other work that JM was kind enough to give him a brief tour of.

As we discussed on the phone, due to generator problems we were not able to operationally demonstrate the air compressors or A/C units for either lab, but rest assured I have been given assurance by all concerned that the labs will not leave until they are ready, and with all confidence the team built up with me during this last year or so, I trust them implicitly. I had/have no problem knowing that the compressors and A/C units will function correctly and when I get the word from your team I know that I can take it to the bank.

As a side, I really want you to know that through this whole process with these labs and the ones following, JM was assigned as the project manager and he has done a great job. I’m sure that he has learned a lot, but as far as managing this work from my perspective, he did an outstanding job: He kept me up to date, provided the weekly input I needed for corporate reporting purposes and he was not afraid to give me the news that wasn’t always good. Additionally, if he didn’t know something, he did NOT try to tap-dance around that fact, he straight up let me know that he didn’t know but would find out, and he DID! You have a making of a superstar with this young man, I’m sure he is getting some quality mentoring by the “older guard” and they should be proud of him and his development as well!

All in all, another great effort and accomplishment!!! The next two labs are a little different: the 60Hz lab for Wyoming and the Cold Weather lab for Russia, but I am confident that should (or should I say when?) we encounter a challenge or two, the SMC-STC team will adapt, overcome and persevere! It continues to be an honor working with your team of professionals. Please pass on my personal thanks and appreciation to all, another great job accomplishment!

Thanks again and very respectfully,

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