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Service & Technology Corporation (STC)

STC was founded on March 27, 1986, in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, in the United States. We are committed to three core principles: service, value, and flexibility. We are a consulting engineering firm staffed by well-educated, experienced engineers in various disciplines, such as specialty chemical, mechanical, electrical, civil and structural engineering. Our engineers are supported by designers, drafters, estimators, and other complementary personnel.

STC's Building, previously the Bartlesville Lincoln Elementary School building

Great Location

Our location in Bartlesville is very close to the geographical center of the United States, within 50 miles of a port facility, and is ideal to serve our clients anywhere in the United States and around the world.

Spotless Record

During our many years of service to the oil & gas, pipeline, chemical process, and many other industries, we have completed thousands of projects, requiring millions of man-hours of engineering and design. We can proudly say that every project we have completed has operated successfully — often beyond design capacity — without intervention by a third party. We also hold a record of no litigation, no mediation needs, and no disputes with our customers or with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

Project Management & Procurement Services

In addition to engineering services, we provide project management and procurement services. When project construction or turnkey projects are desired, we work with reputable construction firms in the project area while consulting with our customers, since we do not own a construction division. With the relationships that we have built over many years with reputable vendors, we have the ability to procure engineered products at OEM costs for our customers.

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Service & Manufacturing Corporation (SMC)

SMC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of STC and was founded in 1994. SMC is an extremely valuable resource for our customers by providing custom fabrication and manufacturing services, including mechanical and electrical systems. As a custom manufacturing facility, we proudly operate under the motto, “If you need it, we will make it.”


Design-Shop Build Projects

Our team has successfully completed several “design-shop build” projects, producing complete plants built in several modules. These plants prove to be very effective for quality, cost, delivery schedule, and reduce fieldwork — without sacrificing good operating, safety and maintenance. Modular Build versus Stick Build provides significant advantages to our clients.

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Our Commitment

We are committed to providing highly competitive billing rates to our customers while maintaining competitive wages and benefits for our workers. Our success in this regard is derived from our low-cost location, good quality of life, the high value our people place on these qualities, effective management, and a very reasonable expectation as a return on our investment.

We are a minority-owned business enterprise that provides high value to our customers. We take pride in giving back to the engineering profession and other humanitarian projects. In 1988, just two years after we began operation, we established the B.L.E.S.S. Scholarship Fund. Dozens of college students in engineering and other fields have already benefitted from B.L.E.S.S.

We have served many industrial and commercial clients, including 17 Fortune 500 companies. We are American owned and operated, but are well prepared to provide service anywhere in the world.

Our Creed

We are in the service business, service to our clients and service to our employees. We do not conduct our business in order to make money; we make money in order to conduct our business.

The Seven Principles of Our Organization

  1. We value the stability of our staff and reward it.
  2. Our first priority is the health of our people.
  3. Our second priority is the families of our people
  4. Our third priority is the faith of our people.
  5. Our fourth priority is our work.
  6. We believe in hiring competent people and letting do their job instead of providing multi-layered supervision.
  7. We operate on the basis of trust, not on the basis of mistrust.

We welcome you and are always at your service!

K. Vasudevan, Chairman, and Founder


We are interested in engineering, design and manufacturing candidates who wish to live and work in beautiful Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

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