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Design and Build Case Studies

Proven Success

Our team has a proven track record of success in designing and manufacturing modular plants. We are engaged in all aspects of Modular Design & Build (MDAB) including design, installation, startup, commissioning and operator training. Here are just a few examples of successfully completed MDAB projects. Contact us to learn how we can successfully complete your project.

Past Design & Build Projects

8 MMSCFD Nitrogen Removal Unit

8 MMSCFD Nitrogen Removal Unit

We completely redesigned and rebuilt this Nitrogen Removal Unit near Price, UT. Our services included disassembling the existing plant, relocating it to Bartlesville, complete checkup and testing, upgrading all instruments and control systems, installing in Utah, and startup & commissioning of the plant. The quality of natural gas produced exceeded the anticipated results.

5 MMSCFD Nitrogen Removal Unit

5 MMSCFD Nitrogen Removal Unit

The photo shows multiple modules of the NRU plant under construction. This plant was shipped in 28 truckloads to the site of the operations near Bowling Green, Kentucky. Our team coordinated the on-site installation, provided commissioning, startup and operator training of this turn-key grassroots plant.

Pilot Plant Module

Gas-to-Liquids Pilot Plant

These GTL Pilot Plant modules are a perfect example of how our Design-Shop Build services are beneficial to our client. The photo shows a 16 ft x 16 ft x 55 ft module built and shipped on its side as a single unit and erected at the customer's site in less than 24 hours from shipment.

Gas Cleanup R & D Plant

Gas Cleanup R & D Plant

Designed by STC, manufactured by SMC (Bartlesville, OK), this is a Gas Cleanup Unit that is now located outside of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Custom Process Skid

Custom Process Skid

Packaged Process Skid to implement a proprietary technology licensed by our client. The project is taken from concept to completion through engineering design, procurement, manufacturing, testing, commissioning, training and start-up assistance.


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