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Modular versus Stick Built Plants

For decades plants have been stick-built one piece at a time. This is slow. It’s also expensive. This can turn into a logistics nightmare taking a lot of resources.

Now, let’s look at the alternative: Modular Plants. Using proven engineering/design tools and manufacturing techniques, Modular Plants have proven over and over to save time and money.

No one likes surprises or last minutes changes

Stick-builders admit that time and time again many details of “the plan” end up not working as anticipated in the field. That’s because the person who draws the plans is not a builder and vice-versa. The design world collides with the practical world!

Often with the Modular Plants, the process and methods are well established before construction begins. STC’s engineers and designers working with SMC’s manufacturing leads have a proven record of producing such modular plants that meet, and in many cases, exceed customer expectations in terms of safety, operability, and maintainability. All at a very good overall value.

Advantages of Modular vs Stick Built Plants

Modular Build Stick Build
Climate Controlled Facility At the mercy of the elements
Non-union Labor Union workforce
Steady, predictable labor force Transient labor force
Minimum end-user involvement Constant end-user involvement
Manufacturing off-site Manufacturing on your site
Minimum rental equipment Maximum rental equipment
Shop labor rates Field labor rates
No site-specific training Costly site-specific training
Clean shop manufacturing Dirty manufacturing area
Integrated machining, fabrication, and assembly Potential need for multiple sources
Utilities readily available Utilities have to be brought in
Engineering & design resources available, as needed Additional contractor required
Buying power of an OEM shop Project-specific purchasing
Prep and paint in a clean room Prep and paint in the open
Minimum disruption to site during fabrication Disruption to site through all phases of the project
Single and complete set of employees under one roof Potential multiple subcontractors on-site at once
Insurance in place End-user/Multiple Contractors must handle insurance
No permits required during manufacturing Numerous permits required for field manufacturing
Multiple shifts available without special arrangements Multiple shifts require special arrangements
No mobile field offices and supporting buildings required Field offices, safety equipment, etc must be provided on-site
No mobilization costs Mobilization/demobilization costs


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